Using the Ultra-Wide High-DPI Prestige PS341WU with a Mac

For over a year now, I’ve been using an MSI Prestige PS341WU as my main display. It plugs into my MacBook (now, an M2 MacBook Air of my own, previously mostly a 16" M1 MacBook Pro from work).

My desk, with the monitor on it

At the time I bought it, it was about the only reasonably priced ultrawide that also stood a chance of being considered ‘retina’ - and a casual browse around now seems to indicate that is still the case.

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Hello (again)

The blog is back! Eight years and one month after the last post (wow!) What have I been doing? Working for Apple, mostly. From April 2014 to July 2022 I worked on the UIKit team, for most of that time managing the UIKit Infrastructure sub-team - a wonderful bunch of people. It was (mostly) great - and, as is often true, somehow seems like something I did for ever for ever, and something that started only yesterday.
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End of an Era

I removed Eucalyptus from sale today. It’s been a great run. I wrote more here.
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Re: Stewardship

Editorial note: Yesterday, I sent a draft of this post to Mattt Thompson, the author of the article this is a reply to. He was kind enough to send a very gracious reply. I thought about reformulating the post in an attempt to express or explain our differences of opinion more directly, but decided that I would be doing him a disservice by doing so. Instead, with his permission, this post contains my original draft, followed by his reply.
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How We Made a Trailer For Our iPad Game Without Spending Any Money

Coolson’s Artisanal Chocolate Alphabet, our iPad game, has been out for almost a month now! (You should buy it before it goes up in price on Friday :-). This is the first of hopefully at least a couple ‘behind the scenes’ blog posts about its creation. This one’s about its trailer video, and how we made it on a budget of $0 1. Background We submitted Coolson’s to the App Store in mid July, hoping it would be reviewed in a week or so, and knowing we’d need to have some publicity and marketing materials ready.
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Coolson’s Artisanal Chocolate Alphabet

What a week it’s been. What a few months, really! If you’ve been following on Twitter or this blog recently, you’ll know that my wife Emily and I have been working on an iPad game. We’ve been testing it for a month or two with a great group of people, who have been a great help (thanks to all of them). The game, Coolson’s Artisanal Chocolate Alphabet, is now done, and available to buy (that was a hint).
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