Hello (again)

Posted on Nov 17, 2022

The blog is back! Eight years and one month after the last post (wow!)

What have I been doing? Working for Apple, mostly. From April 2014 to July 2022 I worked on the UIKit team, for most of that time managing the UIKit Infrastructure sub-team - a wonderful bunch of people. It was (mostly) great - and, as is often true, somehow seems like something I did for ever for ever, and something that started only yesterday.

It did draw my attention away from things like this blog. I didn’t have much time to spare - and when you’re working on software that’s not yet released, especially for Apple, it can be hard to find things to write about… I guess Twitter also became where I’d post smaller things1.

Getting back to it, the blog was in quite a state! It was running on (or, rather, failing to run on) an ancient version of the now-defunct Wordpress-killer Habari - and all the actual content was in (or, rather, no longer in) an old MySQL database that my hosting provider has long-since erased in an upgrade (no complaints about that - they provided plenty of time to migrate and I never did anything…)

Archive.org to the rescue, though. Thanks to it and Wayback Machine Downloader I was able to get static copies of most of the content, in various states of repair. Then, with some help from Beautiful Soup, it was surprisingly easy to convert it all into something Hugo could use. A few pages are missing, but not, IIRC, the ones I care most about. No comments, which is more of a shame because there were some good ones. Maybe I’ll get to them later.

Hugo seems great. Having been out of the blogging loop for eight years, I’m happy to be back in a place where I can just upload a new text file get a new post, rather than dealing with a huge mass of database and runtime goop.

I have a soft spot for the archaic and long url - https://www.blog.montgomerie.net/ - actually a hold-over from iWeb’s quirky custom domain handling, so I think that’s staying even though to new visitors it probably looks (I guess correctly) like a rather strange affectation.

No new content for now (so I suppose this is, at the moment, a zombie blog rather than a ‘real’ one), but having this up and ready to go again does provoke a nice feeling of contentment.

  1. Perhaps the blog’s ressurection is timely? ↩︎