Support the Gorillas on World Usability Day

Posted on Nov 11, 2010

Silverback GorillaToday, November 11th, is World Usability Day. To celebrate, the good folks at Clearleft wil be donating all revenue from sales of Silverback, their Mac ‘guerilla usability testing’ app, to the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund.

Silverback’s a great app [full disclosure: I did some work on the latest version, but I’m pretty sure I would think this regardless] for performing quick, simple usability testing of your Mac app, web app or web site (or even Windows app with VMWare or Parallels!). It records what’s happening on screen, along with the user’s reactions using the iSight camera, and you can play back and export these recordings later. It’s simple to use, and can scale from simple in-the-coffee-shop or pub tests (“Hey, would you like to test out my new app? I’ll buy you a coffee!”) to use in full-scale usability labs. It’s well worth the asking price on any day, and today there’s an even greater incentive.

There’s a time-limited demo version you can download, but remember to purchase today for the entire sale to be donated (although if you’re late, at all times 10% of the profits is donated).