Hither Eucalyptus!

Posted on May 24, 2009

Earlier today I received a phone call from an Apple representative. He was very complimentary about Eucalyptus. We talked about the confusion surrounding its App Store rejections, which I am happy to say is now fully resolved. He invited me to re-build and submit a version of Eucalyptus with no filters for immediate approval, and that full version is now available on the iPhone App Store.

Since my previous post, I’ve been so pleased with the overwhelmingly positive articles, blog posts, comments and tweets - and also the emails from those of you who felt so strongly about the issue you wanted to contact me directly. They were all much appreciated. Thanks for all the support. It’s been a roller coaster of a weekend!

If you want to find out more about Eucalyptus as it evolves in the future, I encourage you to subscribe to the newly opened Other Things blog, or follow eucalyptusapp on Twitter. Feel free to keep reading here too, of course - www.blog.montgomerie.net is more likely to contain personal, programming, and other miscellaneous things than the Other Things blog, though.

To the people who filled in the email form on eucalyptusapp.com, we’ll be sending out an availability announcement tomorrow (I’m in the UK, and it’s rather late here now).

Thanks again for the support. I hope you love Eucalyptus.