James Montgomerie’s World Wide Web Log

My Inquiry on Global Sources

Spam is getting more and more targeted. With contact details blurred to protect the, erm, guilty…

Mail window showing spam

I love how they insinuate that this in response to some enquiry I made, somehow hoping I’m so busy I’ll presume I forgot about it or something.

I’m tempted to try to get an SDK and some hardware samples out of them…

someone who can take good care of 419 puppies thats alls

Lovely Puppies.png

Spam just gets weirder. I guess this is more realistic than Robert Mugabe’s second-step-nephew wanting to wire me $10,000,000. I almost want to reply and see what “Mr Rinaggio”’s scam really is. Surely it can’t be as straightforward as getting me to pay for a dog then not delivering it to my “nearest airport”?