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End of an Era

I removed Eucalyptus from sale today. It’s been a great run.

I wrote more here.

On Frequent, Intense Mature and Suggestive Themes

Marco Arment has written a provoking article about Apple App store ratings. I haven’t really looked at the situation since my original (and, at the time, infamous) brush with the Apple law over the rating of Eucalyptus. As you may remember, it’s rated, at Apple’s request, 17+ for “Frequent/Intense Mature/Suggestive Themes”, because users can access Victorian textual translations of, for example, the Kama Sutra from it. How are other book reading apps rated? I took a sample of the popular ones:

  • iBooks: 4+
  • Kindle: 4+
  • Blio: 4+
  • Nook: 4+
  • Stanza: 4+
  • Wattpad: 9+
  • Kobo: 12+

In case you’re …

No Review Copies of 17+ Rated App Store Apps

I am wary that this blog is in danger of turning into “Gripes With Apple”, especially after last week’s article, so I thought twice about posting this. It’s certainly not of the same order of magnitude as last week’s news, but it is something I’d usually blog about if I hadn’t seen it covered anywhere else - and I haven’t seen it covered anywhere else, so here goes…

Recently I noticed that I can no longer generate “promo codes” for Eucalyptus. These codes are basically akin to iTunes gift cards, and they allow free copies of apps to be …

Thoughts on iOS Content Purchase

I’d like to take a moment to talk about Apple’s new policy on paid ‘content’ in iOS applications. If you don’t live in the Apple bubble I live in, let me explain: Esentially, all apps that allow users to comsume pay-for content (magazines, music, books etc.) must allow the user to buy access to that content in-app, using their iTunes account. For this, Apple will take 30% of the retail price of the content. Content can also be sold outside of the app, via whatever means you can think of (books on your web site, an newspaper subscription bought via…

My Inquiry on Global Sources

Spam is getting more and more targeted. With contact details blurred to protect the, erm, guilty…

Mail window showing spam

I love how they insinuate that this in response to some enquiry I made, somehow hoping I’m so busy I’ll presume I forgot about it or something.

I’m tempted to try to get an SDK and some hardware samples out of them…

The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy

Just a quick pointer to this post by my alter-ego on the Other Things blog. The first apps using the reader from Eucalyptus are out now, they’re, insanely greatly, the full Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy trilogy (yes, all five books!), and I’m delighted with them. It’s also been a pleasure working with everyone involved.

You really should buy them - I’m heartily enjoying rereading the books. And I swear I’d say that even if I wasn’t involved in their release :-). “More enhanced” editions with additional “extras,” - which will be free upgrades - are also coming soon.

More …

Eucalyptus Notebooks

I try not to talk about things here and on the Other Things Blog at the same time, but I think this is cool enough that I’m going to make an exception.

The promotional notebooks I had made for Eucalyptus arrived today, and they’re great!