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I Believe in Sherlock Holmes

This graffiti is still up on the bottom of the Dean Bridge. It’s been there for longer than most graffiti survives. You can see how scrubbed the bottom of the bridge ‘underneath’ the bridge is - that’s from repeated swift graffiti removals by the council in the past.

I Believe in Sherlock Holmes

Despite my better intentions - I know that it’s really the defacing of a historic monument - I can’t help but smile every time I run past. For a moment I believe that I’m part of the world of Sherlock, and that I also am one of a small band of …

Super Tuesday

This display (look at the windows on the first - that’s the second for you American folks - floor) is at the top of Cockburn Street in Edinburgh. Although it is amazing how much coverage the US primaries are getting here (I saw a poster for the Independent newspaper at the weekend that simply read “Election Coverage” and had a US map underneath the text) this is admittedly a bit of a one off, and I suspect some Americans live in the flat. It surprised me though.

To be political for a moment, I don’t think that Hillary could inspire…