About James Montgomerie

I’m an iPhone, iPad and Mac Developer currently living in Edinburgh, Scotland, in the United Kingdom, with my wonderful wife Emily Thomforde.

Professionally, I work through my company Things Made Out Of Other Things. Check out Eucalyptus, my iPhone reading application. I’ve been working on this, with some contract development on the side, since mid 2008.

Code that evolved from Eucalyptus has now also been used in other iOS book applications. A few book apps published by Pan Macmillan were produced using it, including, I’m proud to say, an early Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy app (the first book series app, I believe), and the Peter James app. There were also some children’s book apps from Egmont.

Currently, it’s being used in Blio’s iOS app. Here’s what I said when it was introduced.

Previously, I worked for Apple, on OS X performance, and more recently on iChat, in Cupertino, California, and in Edinburgh.

On Twitter, I’m th_in_gs. If you follow me, you’re likely to hear a lot of Apple development talk. Follow eucalyptusapp instead if you’re interested in Eucalyptus.

My name’s James Montgomerie, but you can call me Jamie.